The 2011 Moscow Farmers' Market Season is here!

Follow our Moscow Farmers' Market adventures and see what is happening here at Boothieville. Find out what's coming up next. It's always something new...

About Us

We are best remembered as "the family with 12 kids."  That seems to work for most people, because it filters out about every other family around.

We are followers of Jesus, what people might call a christian family.  This defines us more than the things we do to earn money. 

The contexts in which people often see us are:

1. at grocery stores
2. at school, and school functions
3. at church
4. at Yakima Valley Community College bookstore
5. at Childbirth Classes
6. at the Moscow Farmers' Market
7. at yard sales
8. at grocery stores again

We have 10 daughters and 2 sons, so we are strong to the females in our family.  There are a lot of relationships to nurture and manage, lots of lives to mold and guide, to teach and discipline, to train and encourage. 

It's a big job and that's pretty much what our life is about.  When you have 12 kids, it can't really be a side-bar in your life.  Front and center, all the time.  Consuming might be the word. 

Our lives are being poured out.  As we are raising the future tax-payers of America, we also want to raise our children to love God and love their neighbors as themselves.  For us, the latter is the more important of the two.