The 2011 Moscow Farmers' Market Season is here!

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Sep 7, 2011

September Fruit and Vegetables

The weather has finally decided to be warm, so many beautiful fruits are coming along.  This week's peaches include JH Hales, Golden Elbertas, and the famous Marenas.  Apples coming off the trees include early Goldens and Galas.  Bartlett pears are happening, and Bosc are about to get started.  Crimson Fire pluots, with the gorgeous red interior flesh are coming to the market, as are Friar plums and Italian prune-plums.

From Imperial's Garden, which we can bring by special order to Pullman/Moscow:
Beans, green or wax
Cucumbers, slicers or pickling
Melons, honeydew
Peppers, hot, tons of varieties
Peppers, bell, green, red, yellow
Tomatoes, slicers, canners, or romas
Tomatoes, yellow
Tomatoes, grape or cherry
Winter squash, danish, delicata, large hubbards, etc
Corn, sweet
Corn, Mexican
New Potatoes, red or yukon
other things, which I am probably forgetting right now

Please give us a call, and we'll bring it over to you on Friday night for delivery on Saturday, subject to availability, of course.  Everything is looking beautiful right now, delectable and ready for your table!

email or
we also use , but the other two are specifically for the market communications here at Boothieville.

or give us a call:  Christine 509-961-9671    
or                         Rodger 509-969-0351

-----Looking forward to seeing you soon at the Moscow Market

Jul 30, 2011

Special Ordering for the Moscow Farmers' Market and for Pullman delivery

If you would like to order bulk  fruit or produce for delivery to the Moscow / Pullman area, or if you have a special bread or sweet roll request, you may email your order, call us, or talk with one of us while we are at the market, at our market stand. 

We can bring fruit in the amount you need, so call us to be sure we bring adequate amounts if you have a large order, and we'll make sure we put it on the truck.  509-965-7356(home phone)

This week, July 31-August 6, we have available from Imperial's Garden:

green beans
yellow "wax" beans
slicing cucumbers
pickling cukes
yellow zucchini
yellow squash
gray "mexican" squash
bell peppers
gypsy peppers
Buttercup squash
Walla Walla onions
new potatoes, both reds and yukons
sweet corn*

*The okra and sweet corn are exempted from restrictions, so we can bring these to the Moscow Market.

*Note: If weather is not too hot, we may still have some cherries by next Saturday's market

We might have some apricots left, but no promises on apricot availibity next Saturday

We expect to have peaches, and I'll post more specifics as the weekend approaches

Our fruit will be readily available at the market.  Vegetable items from Imperial's farm which are in season from more "local" vendors have become restricted for us according to rules adopted by the Moscow Arts Director, Kathleen Burns. (To contact Kathleen, email or call her office at 208-883-7036, if you would like to know more, or see these restrictions lifted.)  These vegetable items are available from us by ordering ahead, and can be picked up picked up on Friday evening at our Pullman house by special arrangement if you can't make it on Saturday.